The economic situation of the world now cannot be compared to the economic situation of the world during the Spanish flu. The world then was controlled by unions. Countries were socialist states, craft workers were more powerful than governments. There was no federal reserve bank (CBN) anywhere yet. The people controlled everything to an extent. Even after the first world war, unions helped get the world back on track with every worker well taken care of.

The British trade unions were the best. They protected the workers and the economy in general. That’s not our fate today, now we are controlled by corporations not unions:

  • The banks
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Berkshire
  • etc

are all controlling our world today. Unions don’t have a say in what they do or how they do it. Now Capitalism came with its rule; separate corporations from the state. This separation, in turn, made these corporations bigger than the state. In America for example, Donald Trump can say no to a foreign agreement but Bill Gates can say yes. Know why? Take Bill Gates and all he has out of America and see the effect. Capitalism made corporations stronger than nations.

So, when comparing the Spanish flu to Covid-19 know that there are no unions now to help the less privileged get back their jobs when the lockdown is over. If Microsoft decides to lay off 99% of its staff, its Gates business, the government is not a board member or a stakeholder. After the Spanish flu people got fed by unions for over 3 years. I mean everyday feeding. Unions made governments award road construction and railways. Just so that people will work and collect wages. We (Nigeria) have chosen a non-sustainable economic system that might have an adverse effect. In capitalism, people will not stay at home and hear they are laid off and be calm. Petty traders won’t sit at home and go broke. People will come out. Contract the virus and if unlucky, die. That is our reality. And don’t blame it on the people, we have had leaders till today who do less in terms of what’s required to build a solid system. From every civil servant to every president to every mechanic, we have failed as leaders of ourselves.

Check out all the countries recording success in coronavirus:

  • Singapore
  • China
  • Korea
  • Rwanda

They have one thing in common; State Capitalism. The state controls the wealth there. So if the country asks you to stay at home, you are sure that they will give you incentives and possibly a job whenever they open up. You can see the calm and ease with civil servants in Nigeria and how they can stay at home. Because they know that work or no work they will be paid. But regardless, if we all felt like civil servants where we now that come rain or shine our bread is guaranteed. We will obey the lockdown at large.

But no. Black man think say anything him see white man do get sense.

The reason America, Britian, France, Spain, Italy, Germany ETC cannot contain the deaths from the virus is Capitalism.

In two weeks America recorded 10m Job loss. And you think those 10m people will sit at home eating cereals? No! They will go out, contract the virus, and spread it while looking for how to pay rent. Because either way, they will end up outside if they don’t pay rent by month-end.

Ask your self; How did Singapore have 17k cases and 16 deaths only? What of Cuba, What of Rwanda, etc? These are non-democratic nations that don’t harbor independent capitalists. The state is the biggest capitalist for the people and that works.

Our reality in Nigeria could be the reality of countries that we have been copying everything from.

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